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Summoning by Anne-Cécile D. Van Doren on Flickr.


Before Odin came along, there was Týr, a mighty warrior god. In the Viking Age people had all but forgotten about him, which is a shame, because there are some interesting tales surrounding this particular god. A good example is the binding of Fenrir. The result of a one night stand between Loki and a frost giantess, Fenrir was a savage wolf-creature that wreaked havoc wherever he went. The gods decided to use a magical cord to capture the beast for their own safety. Fenrir would only allow this if one of the gods put a hand in his mouth as a sign of good faith. Týr, being the brave and honorable warrior that he was, complied—and of course ended up with one of his hands bitten clean off when Fenrir realized the magical cord was so magical that he couldn’t break free. (via 10 Unknown Norse Gods And Goddesses - Listverse)
Forgotten by Cappry-Arts


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